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Thanks for dropping by. If this is your first visit—then welcome. If you’re already familiar with The Archers, then thanks for giving us a chance to get reacquainted. My wife and I have been busy completing and releasing the all new inaugural live concert double DVD/double CD set of The Beginnings Concert featuring Steve Archer (my bro), Don Francisco, Chuck Girard, Janny Grein, Dallas Holm, Barry McGuire, Dony McGuire, Reba Rambo McGuire, David Meece and Leon Patillo. If you love Jesus Music, this set will definitely take you back to that great era. Check it out at www.TheBeginningsConcert.com.

I welcome your questions and comments. If you would like notices and information on coming attractions, please provide your email address and I will keep you informed. Thanks and God bless you one and all.

Tim Archer

Tim Archer's Bio

Tim Archer grew up in church. For this son of a California preacher, music was always intertwined with both life and ministry. Seeing how music was so effective at communicating the Gospel message to young people, Tim Archer was arranging and promoting concert events known as “Youth Quakes” before he was out of high school. From The Paisley Singers (his High School trio) to The Archer Brothers (with brothers Steve and Gary) to The Archers (one of the country’s earliest ground-breaking Jesus Music groups), Tim was dedicated to making Christian music contemporary before the term “contemporary Christian music” even existed.

With The Archers, Tim was blessed to travel the world, sing at the White House and perform on the Grammy awards telecast. He’s also had the opportunity to work with many of the great pioneering artists of the Jesus Music era. His greatest satisfaction comes from the emails and messages from folks whose lives were literally transformed through the life-changing message of this music.

Today, Tim hopes to encourage greater awareness of Jesus Music and the impact of the Jesus Movement. It was such a critical time in our nation’s history where God used music to transform and inspire an entire generation. If you were there, then you remember—both the passion for Christ and the love for one another. These are things that are worth remembering and bringing into the present as we continue this amazing journey in Christ.


The Beginnings Concert - Click here

The Latest
STAND UP is now available for the first time on CD! As one of the best experiences of our creative journey, this project brought together the collaborative efforts of The Archers, Larry Muhoberac, John Guess, Billy Preston and the legendary Andraé Crouch Singers. The result was a classic 70s studio album that I am still proud of to this day.

The Latest
$15 - The Archers
Stand Up!

The Latest
$15 - The Archers
Fresh Surrender

The Latest
$25 - The Archers
Fresh Surrender AND
Stand Up
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